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Located at the foot of Mount Olympus, Bursa was founded by Bithynian king Prusias in the Hellenistic Period. The town took its name from Prusias. The town, which has great Ottoman monuments, offers great sightseeing to visitors. The region and Uludag was a great monastic center during the Byzantine centuries. Byzantine Emperor Justinian the Great built a place and thermal Baths in Prusias. During those years, the silk production also started in Bursa and continued until present day. Ottoman Centuries in Bursa After capturing Prusias, Orhan Gazi, second ruler of Ottoman Dynasty made Bursa the capital of his Sultanate. The sultanate expended until the time of Yildirim Bayezit who was defeated by Tamerlane in 1402 during the Ankara Battle. Mehmet Celebi re established Ottoman Sultanate and re organized the small Beyliks. During the time of........, the city of Hadrianapolis was captured by the Ottoman armies and was chosen as the second capital of Ottoman Dynasty.

Ulu Camii

This great monument was built by Sultan Bayezit the Lightning in the 15th Century in the vicinity of Bursa Grand Bazaar. The mosque, which covers such a big area, is covered with 20 small domes. Tradition says, Bayezit after defeating his rival, instead of building 20 mosques to fulfill his promise, he built a great mosque with 20 domes. Ulu Camii, which has two brick minaret, has great number of calligraphy inside of the mosque. Muradiye Mosque and Royal Cemetery visitors start with the tomb of Murat II, the father of Mehmet the Conquerer. Murat who left his throne to his son was retired in Bursa. Called by his son who said “If you are the Sultan, come and lead your armies, If I am the Sultan, I order you to come and lead my armies”. Sultan Murad was killed by a Serbian soldier after the Kosova Battle. His body was brought to Bursa and buried by his mosque. Mustafa Second impressive tomb, magnificently decorated with fine Iznik Tiles belongs to Mustafa, the son of Suleyman the Magnificent. Mustafa, the Crown Prince was loved by army and people was killed because of the intrigues created by Roxalane, the Ukrainian wife of the Suleyman the Magnificent. Roxelana who wanted her son became Sultan after Suleyman wrote a letter to the Shah of Persia using the signature of Mustafa. In this letter, Mustafa was asking the help of Persians Shah to overthrow his father. Getting this letters and thinking his own son wrote it, Suleyman got furious and invited Mustafa to his Royal Tent. Mustafa entered the Royal tomb unarmed. Instead of his father, he met six blacks, mute and deaf, holding the silk ropes. Mustafa fought for his life, but he was strangled. His body was brought to Bursa and buried in this beautiful tomb.

Prince Cem

The tragic story of Prince Cem started after the death of his father, Mehmet the Conqueror. After the death of Sultan, a war started between Cem and his brother. Defeated by his brother, Cem left Anatolia and took shelter in the court of Knights of Rhodes who kept his as guest at the beginning and as a prisoner later on. Tragic story of Cem continued until he was poisoned in Italy. His body was brought to Bursa and buried in the Muradiye Royal Cemetery.

Green Mosque

This reversed T plan mosque was built by Celebi Mehmet who united Ottoman Sultanate after the disastrous Mongol trouble when Ottoman Dynasty was about the disappear. Decorated with fine Iznik Tiles, the Green mosque offers an unusual plan. It has indoor ablution fountain, two rooms where poor people spent the night, a Royal Box for the Sultan and outstanding mihrap. The mosque which was built in 1424 marks beginning of a new era where we have a religious architecture wholly Turkish. The mosque is a magnificently decorated facade like Seljuk monuments. The Tomb of Celebi Mehmet Located near to Green Mosque, Green Tomb is located on a dominating hill overlooking to city of Bursa. Mehmet Celebi who is considered as the second founder of the Ottoman Dynasty after the Mongol danger is buried in this monumental tomb. The tomb is richly decorated with fine blue colored tiles.

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